West America Tour è un Tour Operator americano specializzato in tour in pullman negli Stati Uniti dell'Ovest. Proponiamo anche fly and drive, tour in moto, escursioni in elicottero nel Grand Canyon, prenotazioni hotel, trasferimenti ed escursioni in tutte le città degli Stati Uniti d'America.

I nostri servizi sono rivolti esclusivamente alle agenzie di viaggio italiane.
Contattateci scrivendo a usa@ovestusa.it

West America Tour: l'America per le AdV italiane!

Notizie da Los Angeles

LOCAL - Los Angeles Times

'Once-in-a-lifetime' flooding prompts hundreds of rescues in San Jose (Wed, 22 Feb 2017)
San Jose city officials declared a local emergency after streets became flooded as water levels rose along Coyote Creek. San Jose firefighters traversed flooded streets in rafts, rescuing residents trapped in their homes and in trees in the Rock Springs neighborhood. Those who walked through dirty...
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It's legal for an immigration agent to pretend to be a police officer outside someone's door. But should it be? (Wed, 22 Feb 2017)
During a nationwide operation this month by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a team of ICE agents in Los Angeles approached the house of a man targeted for deportation. “Good morning, police,” one agent announced in the pre-dawn darkness.  A man opened the door moments later. “Good morning,...
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